Never undermine your brand cues

The world of plant-based foods has taken a bit of a pounding over the last couple of months.

Sales and consumer interest have both waned in the face of increase prices and market saturation of products.

Has the time come to take a slightly different approach with plant-based offerings?

I saw this example, from GU in a store the other day. Now, GU is underpinned by unrivalled, throw caution to the wind, indulgence. This indulgence doesn’t seem to translate that well when plant based becomes the hero of the pack.

It also means that important brand cues are sacrificed making it look like a product from another brand, in this case, Activia.

Introducing sub ranges is a great way of building excitement in a portfolio but it should not be at the expense of your core brand values, especially when your product is so yummy!

There an argument here that plant based may work better as more of an endorsement, rather than a hierarchal lead on pack.

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Be bold and get noticed whatever life brings

If you ever needed a good example of why it pays to be distinct in your on shelf presence, this is probably it.

In light of huge price hikes and clearly plenty of pilfering, some of the supermarkets have opted for a bit of on-shelf security, thankfully we haven’t got to the old barbed wire just yet, but here is an interesting example from Tesco where all of the premium spirits are placed protected and tagged.

You may just about recognise some, but not all of the brands through these makeshift prison bars and I suppose that brings me to my main point.

Your packaging design is a great opportunity to create something distinct that works at a distance as people approach the shelf.

If that distinction works through one of these bags then you know you have that and recognition cracked.

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Be authentically authentic

It’s a bit slapdash, but I suppose that’s part of its charm.

In a sea of slick competition that are trying to cue authenticity, one of the best ways to do this is to take a more amateurish approach.

It cues consideration and that handmade feel that you attribute with brands like Angostura Bitters.

Have a look at this fantastic that example that I understand is an import from, South Africa. The back of pack has sort of become the front of pack.

Where the brand tends to suffer from the lack of Real Estate the SRP with its bold handwritten font certainly makes up for.

You can’t make up proper authenticity, you have to actually live it.

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It’s not what it says on the tin

Here’s a bizarre one that I stumbled across the other day.

It’s obviously key for brands to communicate instantly what they are and how they benefit the consumer, so it’s quite confusing to see a brand that’s pushing the opposite and trying to reinforce what it’s not.

They pitch it as ‘The world’s first zero carb, zero alcohol, zero taste… beer.’ but is it trying NOT to be a beer, or trying TO be a credible water?

Interesting proposition, but I wonder if this is a ‘Simpsonesque’ joke that will wear off quite quickly?

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The world of engine oil is a truly bamboozling place.

If, as I did yesterday you’ve ever had to go out and shop the fixture and find the correct oil for your car, finding the correct one is like trying to find a copy of ‘Fly Fishing’ by J.R Hartley – thats one for you 80’s kids out there !

Some brands make it even harder to shop the fixture, take this example from Castrol or is it Land Rover or maybe Jaguar, who knows!

This is a great example of where correct hierarchy can help draw the consumer in and then help them navigate to the right solution.

Too many elements on here are competing for attention and all handled at exactly the same size. The important bit is the code that looks like it’s been programmed in some strange type of JavaScript, is the bit that pertains to the particular engine type.

This is something that should be presented front and centre, so that as you approach the shelf you instantly know that’s the right oil to meet your ailing cars needs.

Successful brands empathise with the consumer and offer the solution quickly and efficiently. This subtle encouragement and nudge in the right direction when navigating the fixture is a great way of brands conveying both expertise and advice.

Fail to use it and your brand will be linked with neither.

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Focus on how it makes you feel rather than how it makes you look

The world of hair colouring can surprisingly, be a pretty drab space.

For years many of the leading brands have taken the same formulaic approach of a large headshot, layered with multiple claims and a tiny brand logo. The ensuing experience is incredibly difficult for the shopper to differentiate one brand to the next.

Therefore, it’s really interesting to see this brand from Bleach London taking its inspiration from style magazines such as Wallpaper or Dansk, in order to create a more of an editorial feel to the packs. It certainly makes them stand out!

The monolithic shots as you’d expect in hairdressers window have been replaced by more fashion orientated art direction.

Taking inspiration from different touchpoints in the same category, as in this instance, can help create differentiation from the competition. Focusing more on how it will make you feel, rather than how it will make you look can create more of an emotional connection with the consumer. It’s something many categories could learn from.

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Say what?

Here’s an interesting pack and I say that for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it’s not immediately evident what it’s for, or how it is used. If you look up in the top right hand corner on the backing card, you can just about see the description.

That said, it did take awhile to find it. I ran it past a couple of other people in the studio who both the same quizzical look that I had.

Secondly, the communication on the front pack uses graphical devices more closely associated with harsh cleaning products, the sort of stuff you’d stick down the loo!

Clearly, that’s not something you want to put on very delicate face!

Brands should always be careful to identify what they are there to solve and in a tone of voice that is more empathetic with the cause.

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Don’t leave them guessing

Great standount and stripped back messaging always works, right?

Take a look at this example from OHMG.

The naming strategy is very clever for a magnesium based drink – once you know that’s what it is…

And that’s the problem. Whilst it may achieve standout, it’s not immediately evident what the product is, what flavour it is or what the benefit is to the consumer.

Now some of you out there may say, but it encourages me to pick it up and have a look at it. But would be you actually want to pick everything up and examine it in the middle of a busy shop?

Being single minded and stripping back clutter is always great for any FMCG brand, but never leave consumers guessing too much.

Otherwise they will quickly find something else that talks to and meets their immediate needs.

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Always be known for something

Now, at first glance this might this looks like one of those thingies that you pop in your toilet cistern in order to get rid of limescale and make the water blue.

It’s actually a gizmo for filtering tap water.

For these types of consumables it’s imperative to communicate the end use and benefit to the consumer. However, the ‘thirst quenching refreshment’ story and how many bottles one filter creates information is pretty much nowhere to be seen.

Sure, consumers no what Britta does as a brand, but lifestyle and end benefit are hugely important to the end of consumer.

In a world where sustainability rules, creating a credible alternative to bottled water is there for any brand to make their own!

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Build equity, not confusion

What do you see first? Is it the Apple, the background texture or the brand logo?

Now, bear in mind this photo is taken fairly close up on the shelf, but take a couple of steps back and the brand name disappears entirely.

The brand name should work effectively from a metre and a half away as your approach shelf and also when you’re right up next to it.

This is even more important if you don’t have an instantly recognisable brand colour or other piece of sign posting to draw the eye.

Build equity, not confusion.

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