Based in China, Taranis had been producing razors for own-brand labels for several years but had chosen to channel their expertise and experience into creating a razor, set to compete in the fast moving branded market.

We created Futur3 & 5 and positioned the brand as the ‘next generation of shave’. Focusing on the unique patented technologies, we created a design through both graphics & structure that introduced Taranis as ‘break-through’ players in the grooming sector.


We explored a variety of territories to drive our concept development – from the ‘long-lasting durability’ of patented blades to the ‘clean & sharp’ shaving experience. Inspired by the break-through Rola-tek™ technology and unique blades, we saw the opportunity to create a piece of packaging that would announce Taranis as revolutionary game changers in the shaving sector…

For a smoother shave…

Using cutting-edge technology and advanced product design, Taranis had developed a 5 and 3 blade option with 2 unique patented features; ‘Rola-tek’, a built-in roller that guides the blades, massages the skin and facilitates a more controlled and comfortable shave and secondly, unique off-set blades that soften the impact of the cut allowing for a closer, and more effortless shave.

The Structure

As well as the graphics, we developed an innovative piece of structural packaging, engineered to showcase the product and it’s USPs.

Following conceptual sketches, we then created fully rendered CAD files ready to feed into full-scale production.


We utilised a dark but futuristic colour palette to announce
the ‘dawn of a new technology’. Holographic substrate and vibrant
accent colours were used to key differentiate the variants and
create a powerful, eye-catching design.

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