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Based in London UK, Slice Design are a top international creative branding and packaging design agency. Our expertise has helped consumer brands grow and get noticed since 2004. We like to think of ourselves as a challenger to the large agency. As the name suggests we cut through jargon with our flexible, no nonsense approach and down to earth attitude.

No fancy trademarked processes and no hidden extras. The benefit to yourselves is all the experience but with the flexibility that large packaging design agencies cannot deliver.

From our studio in Hammersmith, London, we work for clients around the world: global and local, big household names and small startups, challengers and leaders. Whether a big brand re-design, NPD launch or simple packaging updates. We’re proud to remain flexible, refreshingly honest and wholly independent.

As an established company, our agency has a wide range of experience in multiple categories and sectors from food and drink packaging design, to pharmaceuticals, personal care and home care. You can see some of our recent packaging design work here

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Our lovely clients

Our down to earth, pragmatic approach has attracted some wonderful clients, large and small, global and local…


Jargon Buster

Choosing a packaging design agency can be tricky. What are they good at? How much will it cost? How do they differ from other agencies. Complex trademarked processes and jargon doesn’t help you either.

We prefer the transparent approach, that’s why we put together our Jargon Buster so that you can find out what your current agency is going on about.

Time for a change in design agency?

Brand Archetypes.

Are you a hero, explorer, lover or creator? Whilst this may work if you are writing the next Harry Potter novel, it has little relevance to your brand.

Brand Consultants.

A design agency that wishes to put its fees up by giving people very self important titles.


Random opinions on stuff you already know added to websites to improve SEO.

Equity Analysis.

Stock market planning? Or reminding you of your logo and other important bits, again.

Equity Management.

A banking term adopted by the branding industry. Say no more.


Research done by nosey ‘ologists’ who look in people’s bins for insights.


The crystal ball of design. The truth is nobody really knows what ‘Dinkys’ will be eating in Spring the year after next.

International Agency Network.

“Yes, of course we have an office in Shanghai. No, we’d rather not share our project with them.”

Retail Safari.

Paying for a member of the design team to scurry round Tesco’s taking photo’s whilst avoiding security guards. Shouldn’t they know what the competition looks like anyway?


Paying someone to tell you that red = danger and that blue = corporate. Genius.

Strategic Brand Consulting.

Sounds expensive and it is. Involves very clever people filling your car park with Audi TT’s.

Supposed to be an agency trademark process? Ask them for the registration documentation.

Visual Identity.

Mood board with pictures.

Visual Planning.

Even more expensive mood boards with words. Long words.

“Asset Toolbox”.

All of the bits you have paid for, that your agency now tells you you have to pay for again.


How you feel after trawling through all the agency credentials. Time to change?


As a leading branding and packaging design agency, we work hard to make your brand stand out on shelf. In addition to our design services we also offer a no nonsense, jargon free approach to brand positioning. If you would like a little more information on how our services could benefit your company or brand, please let us know.

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Are you looking to work in a small, vibrant, branding and packaging design agency, where you will be able to get your sleeves rolled up and get involved in all aspects of the creative story? If so, drop us a line. We are always on the look out for talented, award winning individuals.

Senior Designer

We are looking for a superstar senior designer – packaging graphics.

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We are always on the lookout for future design talent. Are you the next big thing?

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