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Our approach.

Slice Design is packaging design agency, owned and run by Alan Gilbody. Our branding and packaging design expertise has helped consumer brands grow and get noticed since 2004. As the name suggests we cut through jargon with our flexible, no nonsense approach and down to earth attitude. You could describe us as an external ‘in-house’ agency. We believe in sustainability in all aspects of packaging design & will guide brands on how to use more sustainable packaging options where possible.

Alan Gilbody Slice

What makes us different?

We have a wide range of experience in multiple categories and sectors. From food packaging design and drink packaging, to pharmaceuticals, personal care and home care. You can see some of our recent packaging design work here, or our expanded case studies here.

We work for clients around the world. From some of the largest FMCG companies and brands to the smallest. Big household names and small startups.

Whether a big brand redesign, NPD launch, packaging updates or simply recommending more sustainable packaging. We’re proud to remain flexible, refreshingly honest and wholly independent.

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Sustainability in packaging design.

Brands have a responsibility to offer sustainable packaging design solutions to consumers wherever possible. As an agency we always try to suggest a recyclable, more sustainable packaging ideas to our clients.

Whether this is replacing raw materials with recycled cardboard or recommending biodegradable plastic.

Whilst this may not always be possible commercially, there are often ways we can help reduce the amount of packaging and encourage the transition over time to more sustainably sourced, eco friendly packaging alternatives.

Why is your packaging agency called Slice?

This is something that we get asked a lot. Simply put:

1. We cut out the jargon.

2. We cut out the the high project fees and provide a more cost effective, tailored solution.

3. We cut through the ‘trademarked’ agency processes to deliver a project faster and more efficiently.

4. We strive to cut excess packaging and push the use of sustainably sourced, eco friendly products.


We do not free pitch. Great design creates incredible value for a brand. It is not something that we give away.

Our awards

Have a look at what some of our clients have said about working with us along with some of the awards we have picked up below.

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What clients say about us.

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