The new Activia Duo editions are an expansion of the current Activia Intensely Creamy range. A more indulgent offering for yogurt lovers. Packed full with exciting fruit combinations!

Following flavour trials at Danone, it was clear that consumers demanded more unique and exciting taste experiences. Under the name ‘Duo editions’ we were asked to utilise all of the current Intensely Creamy brand equities. Whilst also communicating that this was a NEW offering.


We explored a variety of concepts for Activia Duo that focused on strong flavour cues. As well as this we also incorporated pure indulgence and showcased the combination of two fruit flavours in a unique and own-able way.


Whilst keeping in tune with the current Activia Intensely Creamy range, we brought to life these delicious fruit combinations. Therefore Successfully revamping the portfolio with 3 new editions!

If you like our packaging design for Activia Duo, you can see some of our work here. Furthermore more of our expanded credentials on Behance.

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