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2021 Confectionary Trends

From spicy flavours to unusual combinations, which of these confectionary packaging design trends below would grab your attention first.. 

1. Tropical flavours 

With Summer on it’s way and everyone dreaming of beach holidays that are unlikely to happen this year, it’s not surprising that consumers are opting for tropical flavours to put them in the holiday spirit. In particular flavours such as pineapple and coconut are favourites amongst consumers. These confectionary flavours may help make our staycations a bit more exotic this year!

2. Mix & Match 

In the mood for something sweet or savoury? How about both! If you can’t decide which flavour you feel like there, there is an emerging trend that brands are mixing and matching flavours combinations. This is a great way for brands to get consumers to try more of their range and offer intriguing new propositions. Pairing sweet fruity flavours with salty or spicy flavours will be sure to take you on a taste adventure!

3. Smaller pack sizes 

Brands are jumping on the permissible snacking trend and more companies are now developing smaller pack sizes into the market that contain 200 calories of less. These smaller pack sizes are great for a ‘healthier’ snack when consumers want to treat themselves and not feel guilty. The smaller sizes are also perfect for making informed choices and carrying on the go. 

4. Spice up confectionary

The hottest trend of them all! Confectionary brands are turning up the heat and introducing spicy snacks to their portfolio including flavours such as chilli, jalapeño and habanero to name a few. We can see this trend catching on for the surprising factor and curiosity as to what it will actually taste like. 

Between June 22nd – 25th, some of the biggest names in the confectionery sector will be at the Sweets and Snacks Expo. They are due to showcase exciting new products as well as discuss the latest upcoming trends. Look out for our blog post following the Expo for a round up of the event.

John Downs, president of the National Confectioners Association says “The Sweets & Snacks Expo is where the top candy and snack companies showcase their newest products. This year is even more important as we get back to business. While consumer purchasing habits may have shifted, manufacturers are exceeding expectations with new products, flavours and innovations.”

Let us know which of the above trends you would try out first. We certainly would want to try the spicy sweets! All trends in this post are curiosity of Confectionary Production. 

You can see some examples of our confectionary branding and packaging design on our Behance credentials page.

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