A Lesson in Hierarchy and Clarity

A Lesson in Hierarchy and Clarity

I recently came across these immunity drinks and it summed up the pitfalls of getting hierarchy and clarity of information wrong on pack.

1. Brand Architecture:
If you are not a well established brand, your logo needs to punch on pack. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourself to the world, make it count and make it memorable.

2. Variant differentiation:
The products differentiation ‘recover’ vs ‘boost’ gets lost. When line extensions aren’t clearly defined, consumer decision-making becomes a guessing game.

2. Visual Hierarchy:
Large, eye-catching graphics are great, but not when they overshadow key information. Here, abstract shapes dominate while crucial details like benefits and functional differences take a back seat. Remember, in packaging design, size equals importance in the consumer’s eye.

3. Legibility of Benefits:
If your audience needs a magnifying glass to read your product’s strengths, you’re doing it wrong. Critical info like vitamin content should be front and centre, not hidden in fine print.

Prioritize information ruthlessly. Not everything can be or should be emphasized.

Never sacrifice legibility and accessibility of information for aesthetics.

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