Always appear inviting

For food brands living in the supermarket freezer, there are two things that are of paramount importance to communicate.

Firstly, and most importantly is that it needs signal the brand and its benefit.

Secondly, it needs to convey taste appeal. The sort of taste appeal that makes you stop and go I want that!

The freezer space is a pretty daunting area, is dimly lit and in the summer months often suffers from products frosting over, therefore ensuring your communication is clear and immediate is incredibly important.

Take a look at this example from Linda McCartney. The use of white tends to look very cold, uninviting and almost clinical. In fact, the white is so recessive that the food shot, which is actually pretty good, is the first thing that jumps out.

Now you might think this is an advantage but it’s sort of got the hierarchy in completely the wrong order. The reason you need to cue brand first is because of all the inherent values that come with that brand.

Lead with the product shot first and you are straight into supermarket own brand territory.

I think that there is space for a bit of warmth adding to this pack design, something more inviting, more enticing and something that would ensure it doesn’t disappear into the barren wasteland that is the supermarket freezer! 

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