An egg, is an egg, is an egg. Isn’t it?

An egg, is an egg, is an egg. Isn’t it?

Trying to differentiate one egg offering from another is a notoriously difficult task. With the price of most basic eggs, shooting up in recent months, it will be fair for any consumer to think that all eggs have suddenly gone, proper premium!

It used to be that they were either free range, or not. A fairly simple choice, but this little upstart really caught my eye. It’s pitched as the egg with ‘gorgeous yolks for foodie folks’.

The structure is quite a move away from typical eggbox cartons and the pack Graphics feature both foils AND spot varnishes. Opulent is an understatement!

Quite a way to stand out.

If your competition follows a traditional everyday path, then breaking with the norm by creating a super premium challenger to an everyday offering by focusing on a specific product quality, is a fantastic way to stand out.

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