Size isn’t everything…

Size isn’t everything.

Just because something is large on pack doesn’t mean that it will be the first thing that I seen. Here is a great example of that on Supermalt.

The brand-name takes up the largest part of the canvas and is made even bigger by being on an angle. This increase in real estate isn’t enough to make it punch out because it utilises some of the background colours in the body of the logo type.

So whilst the volume of the brand logo increases, the impact at fixture doesn’t.

Creating impact is all about utilising a foreground, a mid-ground and a background. The foreground, which usually contains the brand logo, needs to have enough contrast to lift it out from whatever is going on in the rest of the pack architecture.

If the logo is going to take up so much room that there is little left for other communication, then it may be better to sacrifice some of the size, make it smaller and employ tricks in both colour and contrast to make sure it sings out on shelf.

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