Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food has spent 50 years helping passionate and creative gardeners care for their plants. Whilst Phostrogen has remained a popular choice for gardeners everywhere, they lacked a discernible brand architecture that separated them from other brands. Hence, Bayer Garden asked us to work on repositioning Phostrogen.

The garden centre was awash with plant care and fertilisers. Bayer needed to react to this competitive growth with a complete overhaul. The new design for Phostrogen needed to encourage beginner gardeners. It also needs to continue to be the trusted product for passionate and creative green fingers.


Phostrogen came to us with a rich pedigree from five decades of success in the market. Our approach was to focus on that heritage.


We retained the key brand equity of the orange colour but added new iconography to the packaging range. By opting for a flower on the redesigned packaging, we created a positive beacon on the shelf to attract the eye of browsing gardeners. Therefore the flower cues growth and vitality and provided the perfect spot to integrate the ‘Phostrogen Bee’

You can see some of our work here and more of our expanded credentials on Behance.

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