Slice Design we tasked with created NPD for Cadbury Bitsa Wispa. The well loved chocolate had been relying a little too much on its nostalgic hayday! As part of this repositioning, we were asked to look at NPD which is detailed below.

Following a widly successful relaunch in 2007, Wispa had become Cadbury’s second largest chocolate brand. Cadbury wanted to deliver an innovative way for their consumers to share their favourite Cadbury chocolate. Enter Bitsa Wispa!


With strong reference to the brand equities of Wispa, and to capitalise on a playful and social experience, this new design utilises narrative to communicate a more cheeky tone of voice.

The result? Lotsa chunks of itsy Bista Wispa, an amazingly delicious blend of chocolate and air. A quirky appetising illustration makes Bitsa Wispa even more appealing, and by stacking and putting them in the spotlight, we were able to highlight the irreverent nature of an informal sharing occasion. Because, after all, sharing chocolate should be fun!

We handcrafted a Bitsa logo to sit with Wispa and animated bites of chocolate on and around the pack highlighting a playful side to the brand.

If you like our packaging design for Bitsa Wispa, you can see some of our work here. Furthermore more of our expanded credentials on Behance.

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