After sitting comfortably at No.2 in the Cadbury portfolio for years, Twirl had bucked the downward trend and grown to make it in as the No.1 chocolate single! As part of this success, Cadbury’s identified an opportunity to stretch the brand into NPD, specifically Cadbury Twirl Bites; a share pack full of delightful twirly nuggets.


The inner ‘Flake’ layers and the outer coating of Cadburys Dairy Milk make these little Twirl Bites incredibly moreish. Pencil to paper, we developed a series of design concepts that explored the intense flavour hit, the spontaneous social experience that share bags offer, right through to the indescribable and amplified product experience!


Wonderfully whirly & scrumptiously swirly, these little nuggets of silky chocolate melt in the mouth like sweet velvet bliss. Or at least that’s what we wanted consumers to think! With a hypnotically-enticing design, tongue-twisting narrative and packshot screaming more chocolate yumminess, we made Cadbury Twirl Bites as desirable and intriguing as its countline equivalent. 


“Working with Slice was great fun and hassle free because they took the time to understand our brands and needs. This, coupled with their excellent design skills, enabled them to deliver quality designs quickly and to the highest standard. I already tell everyone how amazing Slice are..but will continue to do so!!!”

If you like our packaging design for Cadbury Twirl Bites, you can see some of our work here. Furthermore more of our expanded credentials on Behance.

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