Seeing a gap in the food market for a more ethical approach towards life and business, Cafe+ approached us to design their range of Colombian coffee from scratch. Cafe+ donates 50% of all proceeds to charitable causes, both close to the coffee source in Colombia and to projects right here in the UK. It was vital for the design to highlight this unique aspect of the brand alongside presenting the superior quality of the Colombian coffee in every bag.

Our Approach

We focused the brand around the idea of ‘goodness in a cup’. Every bag of CAFE+ coffee purchased gives the consumer the chance to directly contribute towards a charitable cause. We communicated this through the use of the social media hashtag #brewchange. The contrasting bright colours on the pack maximise shelf standout and evoke the warm and happy feeling that a good deed brings.


We rolled out the design principles across 4 variants – each with their own unique back of pack story about the charities CAFE+ has partnered with. The hands nursing the cup of coffee illustrate the idea of everyday people coming together to do good with such a simple gesture. Do your bit for those less fortunate just by drinking your everyday cup of coffee. #Brewchange with every cup you drink!

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