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Can you guess Gen Y’s top drink, food and bank brands?

Recently, the Drum conduced a survey of 120 millennials to find out their favourite brands in relevant categories. Let’s see if you can guess any before the answers are revealed.

  1. Beverage
  2. Clothing
  3. Supermarket
  4. Food-Service
  5. Telecoms
  6. Travel
  7. Banking
  8. Food
  9. Personal Care

Find out the answers below..


3 main reasons for this answer was reliability, taste and familiarity with 1 in 4 saying it was their favourite drink. It’s true that from a very young age, children will see Coca-Cola everywhere, wherever they go in the world and whatever shop they go in it will be a consistent brand. The familiarity of the Christmas advert and the ongoing marketing activity online or at events such as festivals also cements the brand in people’s mind. It’s a very traditional brand that we think will still continue to be a fan favourite for many years to come.

Clothing Brand

The Drum stated that the top demands for clothing brands were variety, access and loyalty perks all of which Asos ticks. Runners up were New Look, Topshop, Zara and Next.

Who would yours be?


Results of this question were a bit of a mixed bag, with both value and affluent supermarkets appearing in the top 5 (Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Aldi, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s) One of the main reasons discovered in the survey was Tesco’s brand guarantee and club card benefits. It could also be the familiarity of Tesco as you’re never too far from one!


Now this was no surprise to us when reading this but yes Nando’s topped the list for favourite food service of Millenials. Second place was awarded to Just Eat, followed by Dominos, Pizza Express and Five Guy’s. As the Drum pointed out all of these offer a relaxed dinner approach with a casual setting. The convenience of getting your food delivered and being able to watch it in from  of Netflix resignates with Millennials. A popular

Telecoms brand

Again, no surprise to us that O2 won the vote of top teleoms brand. Second place was EE, followed by 3, Vodafone and Giffgaff. We believe the O2 Priority was what swayed it for Milleanials here. Access to gigs, festivals, events and cinema tickets is a great way to attract and most importantly keep younger consumers.

Travel brand

1 in 6 Millennials voted Airbnb their top travel brand followed by Thomas Cook, Skyscanner, Tui and EasyJet. Airbnb is very popular at the moment due to it’s flexibility, price and discovery aspect. You never know what you will get in the middle of a new city! We see Airbnb staying around for a very long time.

Banking Brand

Closely followed by Lloyds, Barclays, Natwest and HSBC, Millenails voted Santander their winner with 19% of votes. The Drum states that respondents made their decisions based on benefits, customer service and security.

Food Brand

Top place in this category is Cadbury, beating Ben & Jerrys, Doritos, Kinder and Lindt. The combination of great tasting chocolate and familiarity definitely plays a role here. Everyone knows Cadbury chocolate due it’s appearance at every occasion in the UK! Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween – you’ll find Cadbury’s somewhere!

Personal care brand

Finally millennials voted Nivea their top personal care brand. Followed by Dove, Simple, L’oreal and Tresemme. The extensive product range for all skin types means this brand is one for everybody and not just targeted at specific people. Whether it’s skin care, make up, men’s grooming on sun care, Nivea’s got it covered. A household staple.

Did you guess any of these correctly? Let us know what you think and your favourite brands in these categories below.

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