Challenge your consumer, they’ll thank you for it

How to challenge expectations the right way.

The choice of packaging format is a great way to challenge your consumer, add intrigue and buzz on shelf.

Finding a successful way to utilise a format not typical to the category, ensures that the product stands out on a busy shelf.

In a world of green bottles, using a tall aluminium can creates a fantastic point of difference. Check out this rather fab little example in yellow from Karyatis.

The typical olive green bottle has been replaced by a cylindrical drum which from a distance, is more akin to premium whiskey packaging than olive oil.

The pouring spout pops out the top to ensure a fairly mess free experience when pouring.

Interestingly, when I first saw this, I thought it was a refill rather than a primary pack.

Add a bit of intrigue, create a feature product and your consumer would be happy to leave this out of worktop for a bit of permenant merchandising.

Very cool!

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