It’s all about the colour


There are many design projects which don’t have the budget for either food photography or illustration, let alone using stock library imagery.

In these situations colour and typography are incredibly important as they are the only items in the tool kit that you can use to convey taste, appetite, appeal, and in some instances provenence. Therefore, this selection process should be handled very sensitively as getting the wrong colour for the wrong competitive environment can create packaging that lacks desire.

Have a look at this example now, this is an own brand pack from Sainsbury’s. The choice of blue with a product that lacks vibrancy means the net result is quite insipid.

When you put this on shelf against some of the other more vibrant dips and sauces, it has a tendency to look incredibly uninviting.

This is often where a combination of different colourways can come in to elude towards either the provenence of the dish or to introduce an element of appetite appeal.

Remember, you eat with your eyes, first!

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