Reckitt Benckiser asked us to develop the Cillit bang architecture to accommodate the introduction of new variants to aid navigation on shelf. We were briefed to improve consumer navigation and unify the range, while also making a clearer differentiation between the variants.

Oh, and give it even more impact…!

Cillit Bang has become a bit of a phenomenon thanks to a successful advertising campaign with a larger than life Barry Scot!


We introduced simplistic, retro illustrations for Cillit Bang that focus on the area rather than the benefit. These illustrations act to strengthen the brand’s cheekily bold identity). We also established a strong brand colour behind the logotype to add impact and used the frame, cap and FOP copy to aid differentiation through colour….


With its improved navigation and enhanced shelf standout, Cillit Bang has become an international success story. From its humble beginnings as a ‘one product fits all’ solution, it is now available in over 8 different formats covering a variety of different uses. Bang! and the dirt is gone!


“Working with Slice is great: thorough understading of the issues and well thought-out elaboration into a simple yet impactful and very pleasant design.

The results on the label of Cillit Bang where impressive: stronger branding, significant improvement on overall appeal, impact on shelf and clarity of the product message. Will surely work with them again in the near future.”

Aliessio Bordone

If you like our packaging design for Cillit Bang, you can see some of our work here. Furthermore more of our expanded credentials on Behance.

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