Consistency is important, especially with a classic.

Consistency in your communication is incredibly important. This is even more true if you are an iconic brand.

Brands that are consistent, have much greater consumer recall and build more trust.

Jiff for example has recently undergone a bit of a brand makeover, possibly partly to distance itself from certain cleaner with the same name.

It’s a brand synonymous with pancake day and something I remember fondly growing up with as a kid as apparently lemons didn’t exist up north back in the 80s!

There are a couple of key issues here, firstly, even though these two products are fundamentally the same they are treated very differently so they look almost like different variants. On the bottle, the logo appears on a completely different colour background to the plastic squeezy lemon.

Secondly this latest iteration is actually quite difficult to see on shelf. This is probably due to the amount of visual clutter and thin keyline around the logotype which from a distance causes the letterforms to disappear into one another.

If you are an icon, It’s important to be confident, proud and single-minded in your execution, never dilute this through inconsistent replication or poor standout.

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