Deft packaging range

Branding / Packaging Design / Naming

The Brief.

Michael Pritchard was previously a contestant on Dragons Den with his water purification bottle. He wanted to use a similar technology in a series of cleaning trigger sprays which, powered by compressed air, allowed the bottle to work even upside down and reach every last drop!

 We were briefed to create the brand identity, naming and packaging design and help convey this new technology for the brand.

Our Approach.

The name ‘Deft’ captures the product’s agile, dexterous and efficacious nature. 

We decided to brand this unique tube technology in order to create a transferrable asset that could be utilised on other products in the same way that ‘intel inside’ or ‘Teflon’ are used.

In oder to add ‘A breath of fresh air’ to the category, we created strong packaging design that featured the ‘continuous spray’ as the pack architecture.

The Result.

Cleaning is quite literally a chore so it was important that understanding the key product benefits on pack wasn’t.

The range spans kitchen, bathroom, shower and glass cleaning products with more to follow.

Deft is powerful cleaning, and good to the last drop!

What The Client Said.

“Slices experience in the category has really shone through. They have provided a thoroughly differentiated piece of branding and packaging design that has not only branded a product, but also branded the technology of anyway spray. This has provided an opportunity to utilise this technology across other products and other brands. I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Michael Pritchard, CEO, Pritchard Spray Technologies

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