Dont forget to add appetite appeal in your food photograpy.

If you ever want to annoy one of your kids, then simply suggest that you’re going to have freezer pizza instead of proper takeaway pizza.

Obviously this convincing that a freezer pizza is “just as good as a takeaway”, takes a lot more work if instead of ‘thin and crispy’ the freezer, pizza looks ‘limp and lazy’!

Take this example from Goodfella’s. The photography is far from inviting! The toppings look artificial and the angle of the shot is too low to show off the toppings.

Food photography is hugely important, as it’s a thing that builds an appetite appeal immediately.

When you’re competing against some of the own brand offerings that now introduce much better quality photography than some of the lead brands, you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands.

With food, great taste and value for money are more important than ever. Make sure your photography projects this .

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