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Food for thought – are Insects as snacks the new “superfood”?

Nope, you don’t need new glasses – there really is a wave of new products emerging onto the market selling insects in a variety of forms, from organic roasted cricket flour to Chocolate cherry insect brownies.  If you’re a health foody, you’ll be interested to discover that there are a number of health & nutritional benefits to the foods, being low in levels of complex fat and full of protein. 

How did this new trend start?

All you reality television lovers will know that “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” is back on our TV screens, and with it comes a multitude of cringe worthy, watch through your fingers moments of celebrities eating all sorts of unusual animal parts from Kangaroo testicles, to insects such as beetles and spiders.

But is this really so shocking?  Eat Grub, a food company looking to bring insects to the masses, use the witty slogan “2 billion people enjoy insects globally…Be different, join the crowd”. Is our reaction to such foods not just an example of social conditioning?  After all, fried spiders are a delicacy in many parts of the world. Half of us aren’t even sure what we’re eating when we tuck into a hamburger after a night out, so why the repulsion against an organic, natural ingredient such as an insect?

What have we tried?

Slice Design’s very own designer, Paolo, has tried fried crickets on his travels around Borneo and likened them to a mixture of white bate with a chicken-y texture.  Would YOU be prepared to give this kind of food a try?

  • Spicy grasshoppers with beansprouts
  • Buffalo worm macaroni cheese
  • Grasshopper stir fry
  • Buffalo worm fried rice
  • Cricket and mushroom stroganoff

To leave you with a joke.  What’s a bug’s favourite sport?


That’s all from Team Slice today. You can see some of our recent packaging design work here

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