Following a re-positioning exercise of the Go Ahead brand, a new core brand message of ‘smarter weight management’ was identified for the Australian and international markets.

The green that consumers associated with Go Ahead had been removed significantly from the most recent design, leaving the brand a little lost amongst the competition.

Consumers are growing ever-more concerned about the calorie content and nutritional content of snacking choices. We were asked to inform & educate the consumer on ‘smart weight management’ and create a robust architecture to enable the growth of future NPD.


Weight management can be a chore and have negative connotations for consumers. Our approach was to focus on the positive benefits and give the green light for permissible snacking.


We re-crafted the green badge to cue positivity, permissibility & optimism and used this to build a robust pack architecture.

The design was rolled out across Crispy Slices & Yogurt Breaks with the scope of developing this in to NPD. Informative and optimistic, the packs received brand recognition from existing consumers with the re-introduction of green but promised a great tasting, smarter snacking choice!


“After three successful years in-market, it was important to revitalise the Go Ahead brand with a pack which conveyed a fresh and vibrant look and which delivered against the evolved brand positioning. It was also vital to retain key existing brand elements, to ensure continued consumer recognition of the brand on-shelf. The final design solution proposed by Slice successfully met our brief and was achieved with minimal disruption, within the agreed tight timescales.”

DF, Regional General Manager, United Biscuits / Pladis

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