We were challenged with developing a new and unique positioning for the Great Food brand. Our brief was to create a design that would stand out in a busy market, unite the range and showcase products that amazed the taste buds of even the most devout meat-eater!


Rather than creating ‘yet another veg brand’ we thought there was a bigger opportunity to appeal to meat lovers just as much as veggies by creating a whole new category and positioning in the market as ‘the Flexitarian’s brand’. By identifying key trends and consumer insights we created 3 strategic platforms to help define a unique point of difference.


The final pack design was rolled out across 5 ranges and 24 skus! It introduced a strong brand architecture which improved impact, and created a coherent range on which to build future NPD. Inspired by the full flavoured experience of Great Food products, the use of bold, strong colour combinations replaced the need for expensive food photography and helped introduce appetite appeal and cue the excitement at the fixture. 


“Spend from a very small base is up 89%, driven by penetration versus the same time a year ago. We have driven spend within retail by bringing in new shoppers, in line with our brand objectives”

Jane Rayner – CEO, Great Food

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