Is your on pack promotion taking over the pack?

Summer often sees an increase in the amount of on-pack promotions.

One theme I’ve noticed with these this year is a significant increase in overall portion of the pack being used for these promotions

Whilst they clearly work from a consumer engagement point of view (everybody loves a freebie!) they are often detrimental to the brand itself.

Just to expand on this, it vastly reduces the amount of branding area on the pack and creates a scenario where all pack elements have equal weighting as opposed to a clear hierarchy.

Take this example from Home Pride were they are offering tickets for Matilda.

Many of the core brand assets have been squished into half of the pack whilst the promotion takes over the remaining half.

This has a huge impact on the overall pack architecture as we now have many elements competing for attention.

Promotions have always been a part of pack design but they should never overtake or be more impactful than the brand.

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