Say it loud!

Brands situated at the impulse fixture, by the tills have a lot of hard work to do.

At this point shoppers, have normally filled the trolleys with everything they need so you’ve got some convincing to do to persuade them that their shop is not yet complete!

The first challenge here is grabbing shoppers attention as they bury their heads in their phones whilst queuing to pay.

I love this example from Graze, which is simplicity personified. The packs feature only a large logotype, a combination of two colours and a simple window through to the product. Punchy and impactful. In fact you can see the difference it makes next to one of their older packs in the shot (which I’ve only just realised was there!)

Introducing taste appeal, and a reason to believe with such a stripped back delivery is always a challenge, but this combination of informality and natural taste appeal (through colour combos and logotype) has been executed perfectly.

It’s not how much you have to say, but often saying a little, well, that makes you more impactful.

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