The wood polish sector was in slow decline due to a rise in popularity of IKEA style furniture.

For those who do own fine furniture, the competitive set of polishes were offering new products, draped with product claims and tailored for specific needs. This competitive set retained a large portion of the sector whilst Lord Sheraton was beginning to see a rapid decline in UK sales & distribution.

The brand prided itself on expert knowledge, offering excellent care & protection for fine furniture.

Following the threat of major retailers delisting the brand, manufacturers Spotless Punch challenged us with creating a new design that would modernise, unite the range and improve standout.


The heritage of the brand is rich and became the focus of our design.
We created an ornamental illustration that borrowed flourishes from fine
wooden furniture. The graphic linked the range on shelf and projected Lord Sheraton as the premium choice for furniture care.


The final pack designs were impactful and smoothed the way for future NPD.

Inspired by the traditional and natural formulation of the products, the
design adds premium and natural cues which as well as reflecting Lord
Sheraton’s credentials, also create a unique point of difference from

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