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Millennials favourite brands revealed

The 2017 ‘Love List Brand Affinity Index’ compiled by Condé Nast US and Goldman Sachs has revealed millennials and gen z’s favourite brands.

The survey of 13-39 year olds discovered that that Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Nike were the top ranking favourite brands. See the full list below.

Question: What are your favourite brands? What is your favourite store or site to shop?

RANK          BRAND

1                     Victoria’s Secret
2                     Sephora
3                     Nike
4                     Coach
5                     Kate Spade
6                     Michael Kors
7                     Ulta
8                     Lululemon
9                     DSW
10                   Nordstrom
11                   Macy’s
12                   Under Armour
13                   Adidas
14                   MAC
15                   Steve Madden
16                   Urban Decay
17                   Target
18                   Forever 21
20                   T.J.Maxx

Question: What brands that you are buying from or hearing about today that you weren’t focused on last year?

RANK          BRAND

1                     Fabletics
2                     Too Faced
3                     Kylie Jenner Cosmetics
4                     Colour Pop
5                     Glossier
6                     Anastasia
7                     Lularoe
8                     Glam Glow
9                     Kat Von D
10                   Milk

Question: What brands are you buying from that have been around for more than several years?

RANK          BRAND

1                     Adidas
2                     Nike
3                     Lululemon
4                     Urban Decay
5                     NYX
6                     Sephora
7                     Tarte
8                     Ulta
9                     MAC
10                   Victoria’s Secret

Question: What apps are you using today that you were not using much several months ago?

RANK          BRAND

1                     Snapchat
2                     Amazon
3                     Instagram
4                     Twitter
5                     Pinterest
6                     Target
7                     Poshmark
8                     Facebook
9                     Sephora
10                   Uber
11                   Starbucks
12                   Wish
13                   Ebay
14                   Mercari
15                   Venmo
16                   Google
17                   Netflix
18                   Pokemon Go
19                   Etsy
20                  Ibotta

Here’s what Condi had to say about the results:

“This year’s study clearly shows how millennial and gen z consumers are increasingly interacting with brands through online and mobile shopping technology.  More than one-third of apparel shopping is conducted online, 35% for women and 42% for men, and consumer values are shifting to focus on efficiency, speed and convenience.”

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