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Did you know we throw away £230 million worth of potatoes a year?

Sainsbury’s will soon be releasing new packaging for potatoes, to stop them going green.

Being the most commonly wasted vegetable, it keeps them fresher for longer – so you can enjoy those roasties we all crave on a Sunday! The packaging will be 100% opaque and breathable to prevent light from reaching the product – the trigger of discolouration.

Jane Skelton, head of packaging for Sainsbury’s said: “Exposure to sunlight means many of our spuds never make it to the table.’

“We’re confident that this will improve the shelf-life of our potatoes and, while the packaging might be opaque, we’re hoping the results will be clear to see!”

Slice’s top tips to stop potatoes from greening:

  • Keep your potatoes in a cool, dark cupboard
  • Never keep them in the fridge
  • Alternatively, put your potatoes in a paper bag

Why not give this new packaging a go and let us know your favourite way to cook potatoes – our top 3 in the office are; mash, hasselback and a good old roastie.

Original post courtesy of packaging news and photo from serious eats.

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