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Black Friday Breakdown

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

Friday the 25th of November may be a date you don’t recognise, but you’ll certainly know the name “Black Friday.” Yes it’s that time of year again, where retailers offer large discounts and people clamber over each other for biggest flat screen TV.

But what makes people so frantic on this specific day?

Black Friday has now become the biggest shopping day of the year in the UK with the Salmon network predicting we will spend £5 billion during the Black Friday 5-day-week. This day is traditionally American and falls the day after Thanksgiving – ironic how on one day Americans will be enjoying turkey and giving thanks for all the blessings in their lives, and the next they will be arguing over a blender in Target.

The UK soon adopted this tradition with Asda and Amazon among the first to jump on the bandwagon. The day has now spread to countries including India, France, Romania, Mexico and Canada.

After the mad rush in 2014 turned violent in some stores (who remembers the riots in Tesco?) there was a rise of people looking for deals online – which is certainly the safer option! Cyber Monday which follows after Black Friday gives customers the opportunity to shop online and still get bargains.

Are you getting a good deal though?

Or is it just that you know your saving a bit of money that makes the day such a success?

Louise Haggerty, 56 said “I got a Dyson but I don’t even know if I want it. I just picked it up. It was mental in there. It was crazy. It was absolutely disgusting, disgusting.” and Andy Blackett, 30 said “I got two coffee makers, two tablets, two TVs and a stereo,” he said. “I couldn’t tell you the prices, but I know they’re bargains.”

In 2015 “Which?” investigated deals from Amazon, Argos, AO, Curry’s and John Lewis on Black Friday for months before and after and discovered that only 90 out of the 178 deals were actually cheaper on the day. So, you may get a deal, but be smart about it and do your research.

Some of the retailers who will be participating include: Amazon, Argos, Boots, Currys, PC World, GAME, House of Fraser, Marks & Spencer and Next, Apple, IKEA, Asda will not be participating in Black Friday this year.

Slice’s top tips are:

  • Make a wishlist of items
  • Research and compare the prices before the day
  • Get there early
  • Before buying; think do you need it/where would it go?
  • Wear protective headgear
  • Don’t wear open toe shoes
  • Don’t forget your wallet
  • If you can, avoid the shops and shop online

Everyone understands that if you see something for a discounted price, you are more likely to want it, even if you don’t need it. We’ve all been there. We’d love to know if you’ve got any great deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Have you braved the crowds? Tell us here.

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