Our brief was to create the branding and packaging for a range of new plant-based snacks. All products in the range offer significant nutritional benefits and have a ‘Qwrkee’ twist. Qwrkee want to shake up the snacking market and make it more interesting!


Based on a creative brief of ‘Being different is good’ we created a strong pack identity that spans a large range of products including x4 flavours of Jerky, x2 Pea M’lks and x4 Puffs. The pack design balances great taste as well as the multitude of nutritional benefits which are highlighted by eye catching iconography


Key for us was to create strong brand equity that becomes a beacon a shelf and shakes up the snacking market with universal appeal. Qwrkee recently won ‘Best new special diet product’ and ‘Best new snack product’ in the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019. They are also a finalist in the World Food Innovation Awards 2019.


“We founded Qwrkee with a clear mission: to help protect the planet by fuelling the plant-based movement, creating foods for the future. We’ve taken a lot of time to develop products that deliver on taste, nutritional quality and sustainability, while bringing something completely new to the market.”

Vishal Madhu, Qwrkee’s Founder

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