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Rum-tastic times

Anyone who has not lived under a rock for the past five years must have noticed the astronomic rise in craft gin. Gin lovers have truly been in heaven, lapping up the genièvre syrup in gin specific bars and even restaurants across the globe, with its epic centre in London.

However, it seems there’s a darker, more sweet liquor making its mark recently.  Golden, dark rum, produced from sugar cane, was discovered by European explorers in the 1400’s in the West Indies.

In the 17th century, thousands of sugar works dotted the islands landscapes and nearly every plantation employed a copper pot still to make alcohol from the fermented skimmings and molasses.

Although a very old drink, it has not had its proper heyday….until maybe now!

With the connoisseur and more crafty spirits movement growing by the day, it seems the need for alternative tipple has flowed onto rum, which is now becoming a favoured drink in bars and at home.

The amount of rums launched within the past two years alone, bears great witness to the rise in popularity and demand!

Given that the provenance for this spirit is so rich, it further offers ample inspiration for branding and packaging design.

The Duppy Share are a rum company taking London by storm.  Last Friday, we were lucky enough to welcome them into our studio and try out their delectable rum concoctions.

We had the pleasure of tasting a delicious “Duppy Conqueror” cocktail, which certainly got us in the mood for the weekend!  If you fancy trying it for yourself, check out the recipe below…

Our Favourites 

Some of our favourites, in terms of design and taste are;

Whether you take it neat, or in cocktails such as a rum old-fashioned or a Dark and Stormy, ensure you stick to the holy trinity of rum; aged, dark and from good heritage!

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You can see some of our recent packaging design work here

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