Why do I need it and how will it benefit me?

Why do I need it and how will it benefit me?

This is probably the most important thing that a pack needs to communicate to a consumer about the product inside.

I had a long conversation recently with a client that wanted us to look at the range of mobile phone cases and my challenge back to them was, how does your product differ from something I could get on Amazon or eBay for a fiver? It’s quite a challenge to answer, but if you don’t have a viable and believable answer for that question, you’re never going to convince a consumer.

Have a look at this great example from an O2 shop. The pack only shows a photo of the case, it makes no attempt to justify the very high price point for the item, nor explain how it is meeting a consumer need.

How the product benefits the consumer needs to take centre stage on pack.

Consumers decide emotionally, then justify logically.

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