All change!

All change.

Flora changes more often than the British weather. Literally turn your back from the shelf for five minutes, look back again and it’s probably a different pack design.

The most recent version puts plant-based at the centre of the brand and starts to incorporate it into the logo, moving away from the heart on the previous pack.

The logotype is now reversed out of a holding shape giving it much more punch than the previous design.

This latest iteration creates a much more naturalistic feel to the brand to focus on the 100 percent plant-based message.

Interestingly the iconic sunflower has now been relegated to the side of the pack, but maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise. Dialling down the sunflower helps create a more ‘Flora first’ message making it much harder for the discounters to copy.

It will be very interesting and quite a challenge to change consumer perception of a margarine, but then health advice in the UK seems to change even more often than the Flora pack Design!

This will be an interesting one to watch to see how long this iteration lasts.

What are your thoughts?

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