Allow budget for illustration

Craft and consideration are hugely important, especially in the Beer category.

It communicates authenticity and a respect of time honoured traditional brewing methods.

There seems to have been a trend over the last few years of stripping things back which has sometimes meant taking the pedigree and prestige out of brands in favour of a more simplistic, look and feel, often to the detriment of the brand.

There are examples, such as the one attached that seem to remove this consideration and expertise from the illustration to the detriment of the brand. If the style doesn’t fit as here, it works against this.

Some of this could be down to following design trends, but some of it is also down to budgetary restrictions. Illustrations of brand icons are normally done by employing illustrators that are experts in their field. These illustrators can create powerful memorable icons that support the brand and are crafted in a particular style. Where budgets are an issue, these illustrations are sometimes tackled in-house rather than using an external illustrator.

Whilst it may be cost effective and remove a pair of hands from the invoice, it also removes some of that expertise for the brand communication.

If craft is important, allow budget for bespoke illustration.

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