Always add engagement

Well, that’s Halloween out of the way, now onto Christmas!

It’s that epitome of a lazy gifting. That signal that I have no idea what to buy you, so I’m going to opt for this gift. The gift card.

Most of the multiples are strewn with aisle ends of these and it’s fair to say that they all rely purely on a large logo in order to entice those lazy consumers.

I wonder if there is a bigger win here for some of these brands to do something a little different using something that echoes the individual and unique propositions a lot more?

A typical plastic card on a card backing is more akin to a card renewal from your bank and has all of those functional more utilitarian connotations with it.

There are lots of ways to add a little ceremony to the opening. A message to showcase your point of difference and make the end consumer think, ooooh, thats fun!

So come on big brands. You have spent years developing a strong and differentiated essence. Give your lazy consumers a bit more excitement so that the receiver feels a bit more appreciated and above all – engaged.

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