Its whats inside that counts

It’s what’s inside that counts?

Clearly (no pun intended) it’s important that the consumer knows what they are purchasing, but often a window never really sells the product in. In many cases it does the opposite. Importantly, it also reduces the amount of branding area you have available.

The frozen aisle is particularly bad. Items are covered in ice, obscured behind frosted bags and in a state far from what you would consider appetising or aspirational.

It reminded me of a conversation a few years back when a client was asking for a window on a frozen lasagna pack ‘so that the consumer can see the delicious topping’. I politely informed them that not even Harry Potter knows a spell that could make that topping look attractive so we are better not showing it!

In most instances, it would be better to use the space to show the product with a more appetising food shot.

A balance needs to be struck between what you want the consumer to see and impact at fixture, because having the window reduces the amount of branding and communication area.

It’s also false economy if the product wouldn’t benefit from being seen.

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