Always inspire the consumer

Always try to inspire the consumer.

I saw these in a local store recently and its fair to say, steamed brown lentils are never going to be an easy sell-in!

Therefore, it’s really important to try and find ways to inspire the consumer with regards how they can use your product in tasty and adventurous ways.

Normally this is the role of a meal shot but budgets often don’t stretch that far so its important to look at other pack components in order to drive taste.

Take this pack for example. On here there are 3 areas that could be used better, to solve this problem of ‘taste appeal’.

1. Colour combinations
Interesting colour combinations are a great way to cue flavour, in particular origins, without the need for a meal shot.

2. Narrative
If you can’t introduce imagery, then using the language of the restaurant menu is a great way to excite and drive taste.

3. Brand logo
Building food cues into logos, not only solves the problem of appetite appeal, but enhances consumer recognition.

Remember, the consumer is looking to a brand for guidance expertise and inspiration.

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