The problem with vignettes on aluminium cans

Absolut Vodka and Sprite have teamed up to make a ready drink cocktail.

Always great to see a partnership between brands, but I thought it worth pointing out this potential issue when printing on aluminium cans.

The print method used here doesn’t allow for a smooth vignette or transitions from one colour through to another.

This blend technique is something you see a lot in lithographic printing and works really well on carton or paper, its much less effective however on aluminium cans.

From a distance these vignettes work really well but when you look at them close-up, you can see the dot gain created by the print technique which tends to cheapen the overall feel.

Traditionally on carbonates, many brands have got round this by making the dots much larger and emphasising the fizz or by using large areas of solid colour so as to avoid this issue altogether.

Always ensure the pack works as well close up as it does from a distance, especially if quality is a core value.

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