Be consistent

One of the most visually striking sectors for packaging design is often the bottles in fragrance category.

Well, for the primary pack I think that’s true, but for the secondary packaging, the cartons that the bottles go in, it is incredibly bland with most of the big players following the same minimal rules.

In many cases it would be hard to guess which carton some of the bottles came from as there is little correlation.

The net result is that few of these, standout or showcase the same excitement or brand story as the bottles hidden within.

The default seems to be simplistic type on a plane carton, a mile away from what some of the bottle shapes are doing.

It’s not for the want of cost saving either, the markup on these items is huge, so there is plenty of budget available for brands to inject a little excitement into what is the main facing in store.

A strong design system should run through all items within a portfolio. Its this consistency that creates more recognition and brand recall.

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