Stay true to your values.

Stay true to your values.

If you are launching a sub-brand or variant, it’s important that this variant is a true representation of what the parent brand stands for.

Line extensions in a portfolio create intrigue and help get new users into the category, but it’s paramount that these new offerings sit comfortably within the same tone voice and brand story as the brand that spawned it.

Jimmy Chu is a brand synonymous with swanky shoes. So, I suppose it makes sense that any of these high fashion brands can switch easily from one end of the body to the other and Introduce fragrance.

But this latest offspring seems to make no sense at all. Why would a brand with such a high-end positioning undermine these premium credentials and create an urban offering that looks more like the cover of a Speed Garage compilation from the late 90s?!

Instead of creating a new twist, this approach has the tendency to undermine and devalue the brand.

Always look at how to extend your portfolio and your offer, but remember to stay true to the values that created your offer in the first place.

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