Be different, different is good.

Be different, different is good.

Now, I imagine, some of the main reasons that you would colour your hair, are to get a different look, make you stand out or feel refreshed.

It is maybe then surprising that in this entire category of hair colouring brands, they all opt to do exactly the same thing with their packaging design.

The fixture resembles one of those rather tired hairdressers/barbers window displays adorned with sun bleached photos of models, where wide eyed punters point and say “I want it like that”, in the slim hope that they will look even slightly like the model after 12 hours of chopping, washing, dyeing and blow drying.

Doing something different will immediately make the brand stand out from a competitive set that are all doing the same thing.

Allocating a large portion of the pack to the brand colour or logo creates impactful signposting and draws the consumers eye.

If you try to shoehorn too much onto the pack, you risk disappearing into the shelf with the mass of messages from the rest of the competition.

This doesn’t mean removing salient pieces of information, remember a pack is a three-dimensional item, there are multiple faces on which to convey messages and introduce a hierarchy of information.

Be different. If all the competition show ‘head shots’ then why should you? If all the other packs are symmetrical then break symmetry. Each element on pack has a valuable role to play at different points for the consumer.

Entice first, Educate second, but remember to always be different.

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