Word overload!

Is word overload on pack becoming the norm in pharma and personal care?

Over the last week, I’ve been looking at pharmaceutical and personal care packs that have issues with their branding, be that orientation of information on pack or not establishing an accessible brand architecture.

Here’s a brand that struggles with both of those issues! All of the information is presented at the same weight and the vertical orientation accentuates this inaccessibility.

Clearly, they’re trying to put too much information on here. If you’ve got lots of great benefits to share it’s advantageous to focus on one of these and be single minded.

The net result of this decision is that it looks like it’s been created purely using chatGPT, with the prompt ‘write me a research paper 5000 words long!’

If you have a key benefit, push this. Be the brand known for that.

Cramming on everything you know about the product can be detrimental. Consumers will score claims and information on a pack in order to reach a mean average. If you’ve got underperforming claims on there, it’s only going to drag down the overall performance and clutter the whole pack.

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