Branding has come a long way.

Ahhhhh, the party season is upon us and nothing says party like a ‘party keg’ of beer.

I stumbled across this image of generic-looking beer kegs from the 70s or early 80s. It made me realize just how far beer branding and marketing has come.

Back then, most beer brands lacked any unique identity. Squint your eyes and you likely couldn’t tell one brand from another. They failed to tell any story about why a drinker should choose their beer.

Today’s beer market couldn’t be more different.

It just goes to show that, especially for experience products like beer that rely a lot on gut-feel and emotion when making a purchase decision, having an intriguing story and dialed-in branding is vital. You need the full brand experience – standout design, compelling origin story, alignment to drinker lifestyles and values – to truly resonate with consumers browsing crowded store shelves or bar taps.

So as you stock up on beer for your upcoming celebrations, take a moment to appreciate just how far marketing innovation has come since the days of the plain silver kegs!

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