Never be vague

So, this just appeared in my local store and it left me scratching my head, a little.

Celebrity ties on packaging are quite common place, but I couldn’t quite see the relevance of plonking Elton on Marmite here.

Granted he can be seen as a little ‘Marmite’, and yes, he is from Pinner, which is where the store is located, but I was struggling to make the link. This is hugely important for both the consumer and I suppose, the artist.

It was only when I went online and looked into this offering a little more, I discovered that it was to promote the Elton John AIDS foundation.

If a brand is going to champion a good cause, it’s so important to lead with that on the front of the pack.

Never be vague or the consumer may make up the story, and it may not be the right one!

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