Perception is important

New research reveals that how plant-based and vegan packaging are labeled significantly impacts whether omnivores choose them.

The study asked over 7,000 people to pick either a vegan or meat/dairy food basket. The catch? The vegan basket was randomly labeled as “vegan,” “plant-based,” “healthy,” “sustainable,” or “healthy and sustainable.”

The results showed people were far more likely to opt for the non-meat basket when it emphasized positive attributes like health and sustainability rather than its vegan status.

Just 20% selected it when labeled “vegan,” but 42-44% chose it for eco-conscious and wellness-focused descriptions. Even “plant-based” outperformed “vegan.” Simply avoiding the term “vegan” also helps

Meat-eaters displayed particular bias against the v-word. However, framing the same foods as personally or environmentally beneficial overrides this instinct.

This indicates that leading with health and green merits over moral arguments, and relating plant-based lifestyles to self-care and resource stewardship, can make them more appealing to omnivores.

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