Definitely not a cracking idea!

I am, it has to be said a little confused by the direction of Easter egg pack design.

Many of the big brands are keen to fly the sustainability flag and virtue signal, however, when it comes down to Easter eggs they move in completely the opposite direction!

“But Al, we’ve reduced the amount of cardboard by 65.276%“… Brilliant, your mum will be proud, but why is the box still 12 times larger than the egg?

There is a huge waste of packaging material and volumetrics in these items. Crack one open and it clear to see the amount of dead space. This over-packing increases the amount of materials used and also reduces efficiency in logistics, shipping the things around.

Sure, plastic has been removed, and some of the card components have been reduced, but do we really need this amount of packaging aimed at a younger generation who will only then start to see this as the norm?

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