The world of engine oil is a truly bamboozling place.

If, as I did yesterday you’ve ever had to go out and shop the fixture and find the correct oil for your car, finding the correct one is like trying to find a copy of ‘Fly Fishing’ by J.R Hartley – thats one for you 80’s kids out there !

Some brands make it even harder to shop the fixture, take this example from Castrol or is it Land Rover or maybe Jaguar, who knows!

This is a great example of where correct hierarchy can help draw the consumer in and then help them navigate to the right solution.

Too many elements on here are competing for attention and all handled at exactly the same size. The important bit is the code that looks like it’s been programmed in some strange type of JavaScript, is the bit that pertains to the particular engine type.

This is something that should be presented front and centre, so that as you approach the shelf you instantly know that’s the right oil to meet your ailing cars needs.

Successful brands empathise with the consumer and offer the solution quickly and efficiently. This subtle encouragement and nudge in the right direction when navigating the fixture is a great way of brands conveying both expertise and advice.

Fail to use it and your brand will be linked with neither.

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