Focus on how it makes you feel rather than how it makes you look

The world of hair colouring can surprisingly, be a pretty drab space.

For years many of the leading brands have taken the same formulaic approach of a large headshot, layered with multiple claims and a tiny brand logo. The ensuing experience is incredibly difficult for the shopper to differentiate one brand to the next.

Therefore, it’s really interesting to see this brand from Bleach London taking its inspiration from style magazines such as Wallpaper or Dansk, in order to create a more of an editorial feel to the packs. It certainly makes them stand out!

The monolithic shots as you’d expect in hairdressers window have been replaced by more fashion orientated art direction.

Taking inspiration from different touchpoints in the same category, as in this instance, can help create differentiation from the competition. Focusing more on how it will make you feel, rather than how it will make you look can create more of an emotional connection with the consumer. It’s something many categories could learn from.

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