Ensure your flavour looks like part of the range

Ensure your flavour extension looks like part of the range.

You may have seen my previous, rather critical post about it After Eight’s Fine Sticks Packaging design. Nestlé’s very confusing, chocolate mint brand extension

Safe to say, it filled me with an equal sense of bamboozlement when I saw this extension into an orange mint version.

Now, flavour extensions, need to be empathetic with the parent product. They need to look and feel like part of the range and ensure that the flavour communication has the same tone of voice as that of the parent brand.

This however, feels like a ghost of Christmas past, well the early 90s anyway. The brand architecture is out of the window and a font has been chosen for the flavour communication that would be more at home on an ibuprofen pack.

Pack architecture needs to be crafted in such a way as to allow extensions into other flavours. This however, feels as though David Dickinson has been out and found a picture frame on Bargain Hunt to plonk the parent pack in in!?

Every flavour extension or product extension needs to borrow from the tone of voice of the parent pack in order to help support what the brand stands for. Otherwise you create a bit of a clash that looks like it doesn’t belong.

I’m going to grab myself a coffee and take a few deep breaths!

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